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The Universidad Industrial de Santander (UIS) committed to the construction of quality education that affects the best standard of living of people, works through the Institute of Regional Projection and Distance Education, in the formulation of educational projects relevant to the regions, developed with the participation of different actors of the productive chains according to the area of knowledge and formulated to be carried out entirely in the regional Campus where it is offered.

The Tourism academic program is part of the institutional programs that seek to “increase coverage in the four regional Campuses in undergraduate and graduate programs”, contributing to the fulfillment of the strategic objective called “Strengthen the realization of the university’s mission functions in the region” contained in the Institutional Development Plan 2008-2018, which includes the creation of undergraduate programs in the region.

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Tourism is one of the most important economic activities in the world, not only because of its direct participation in the markets, but also because it permanently influences the improvement of the quality of life of communities, the protection of resources and the sustainability of tourist destinations. For this reason the Universidad Industrial de Santander has initiated the professional training in this important discipline, where in an articulated form between the University and the society a professionalization of the sector is envisioned, in the region, the country and the world.

In the academic program of Tourism, pedagogical practices are developed according to the guidelines of the Institutional Educational Project and the Pedagogical Model of the UIS, implementing teaching-learning strategies according to the training process based on competencies, mediation processes in the classroom and the use of new communication technologies.

The professional in Tourism of the UIS will be able to actively participate in research and extension projects that allow him/her to adapt and reinterpret culture, protect and conserve heritage, innovate products, improve destinations and especially revitalize customs and ancestral gastronomy. Likewise, it will be able to establish a direct articulation with the community of the municipality of Socorro, of the cities of the department of Santander, of Colombia and of the different nations of the world that have expressed their interest to carry out student and professor exchanges with the UIS, in the area of Tourism.

It is expected that in the academy and in all exchanges, internships, projects, jobs and consultancies, the UIS Tourism student can have a direct impact on the following environments: hotels, inns and resorts, tour operators and travel agencies, food services, tourism education, tourism research, recreation and leisure, attractions and adventure tourism, tourist offices and information centers, organization of conferences and meetings and transportation companies.

Socorro, Santander: SNIES 101718 | Qualified Registry: Resolution of the Ministry of National Education (MEN) No. 739  January 25, 2019.

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Socorro (Santander)




The Universidad Industrial de Santander, through the Directorate of Admissions and Academic Registration, manages the process of selection and admission of students to the different UIS programs. It should be noted that this process guarantees the selection of students strictly for their academic merit, demonstrated in the results of the SABER 11 state exam. In this sense, all applicants to the professional program in Tourism must comply with the requirements established for their selection.




The graduates of the Tourism program will be people with high ethical, political and professional quality, committed to the generation and adaptation of knowledge, with the conservation and reinterpretation of culture and with the active participation leading processes of change for the progress and better quality of life of the community.

Their comprehensive training will allow them to develop creative and viable solutions in the approach, operation and solution of complex problems, typical of tourism projects and organizations and in accordance with the current trends of quality and safety in the service, protection and conservation of natural and cultural heritage, ensuring compliance with high standards of human, environmental and social sustainability.

Will be prepared to create, plan, organize, control and direct projects and organizations of public or private nature, developing strategic, missionary, evaluation and support processes with criteria of effectiveness, competitiveness and productivity.

Will establish excellent skills for the optimization of resources, the use of information and communication technologies, interdisciplinary and inter-institutional teamwork, maintaining and promoting good interpersonal relations and fluid organizational communication.




The UIS Tourism professional will be able to direct and develop missionary support processes related to the provision of services and marketing of products in public and private entities, companies and organizations, such as hotels, inns, resorts, tour operators, travel agencies, food, recreation and guide services, amusement parks, natural parks, tourism offices and information centers, as well as in land, sea and air transportation companies, events and conventions organization.

Their professional training will enable them to plan and advise on national and international projects related to tourism and culture, and to participate in training, extension and research processes.

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Code:  26435           Credits:   4  - Mathematics

Code:  26436           Credits:   3  - Biology

Code:  26437           Credits:   3  - Tourism History I

Code:  23423           Credits:   1  - Physical Culture and Sports

Code:  26438           Credits:   3  - Language Workshop

Code:  26439           Credits:   2  - World Tourism Vision

Code:  24948           Credits:   0  - University Life and Culture



Code:  26440           Credits:   3  - Physics

Code:  26441           Credits:   3  - Ecology I

Code:  26442           Credits:   3  - Tourism History II

Code:  26443           Credits:   3  - Customer Service

Code:  26444           Credits:   4  - Sociology

Code:  23424           Credits:   5  - English I



Code:  26445           Credits:   2  - Introduction to Economics

Code:  26446           Credits:   2  - Tourism Geography

Code:  26447           Credits:   2  - Directed Recreation

Code:  26448           Credits:   3  - Food Services

Code:  26449           Credits:   3  - Lodging Services

Code:  23425           Credits:   4  - English II



Code:  26450           Credits:   2  - Tourism Economy

Code:  26451           Credits:   4  - Ecology II

Code:  26452           Credits:   4  - Cultural Heritage

Code:  26453           Credits:   2  - Descriptive Statistics

Code:  26454           Credits:   2  - Human Talent Management

Code:  26455           Credits:   3  - Applied Computing



Code:  26456           Credits:   3  - Accounting and Financial Management

Code:  26457           Credits:   4  - Ecoturism

Code:  26458           Credits:   3  - Environment Exploration

Code:  26459           Credits:   1  - Research Methodology

Code:  26473           Credits:   2  - Integrated Management Systems

Code:  26461           Credits:   3  - Guidance Services



Code:  26474           Credits:   3  - Corporate Management

Code:  26462           Credits:   2  - Tourism Marketing I

Code:  25913           Credits:   2  - Citizen Ethics

Code:  26463           Credits:   3  - Adventure Tourism

Code:  26464           Credits:   3  - Agro-tourism

Code:  26465           Credits:   2  - Customer Service Management

Code:  00000           Credits:   2  - Elective


Code:  26466           Credits:   2  - Quality Management

Code:  26467           Credits:   2  - Tourism Marketing II

Code:  26468           Credits:   3  - Sustainable Tourism

Code:  26469           Credits:   2  - Tourism Projects

Code:  26470           Credits:   3  - Events and Conventions Organization

Code:  00000           Credits:   2  - Elective

Code:  22975           Credits:   3  - Undergraduate Thesis I


Code:  22977           Credits:   7  - Undergraduate Thesis II

Code:  26471           Credits:   2  - Tourism Product Design

Code:  26472           Credits:   3  - National and International Excursions

Code:  00000           Credits:   3  - Elective

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Margarita Rodríguez Villabona

Master in E-Learning

Juan Carlos Barbosa Herrera

Doctor in Psychology

Jorge Winston Barbosa Chacón

Master in Computer Science - Line: Development of Systems applied to Education

José Germán Toloza Hernández

Doctor in Art: Production and Research

Jova Ramírez Charry

Master in Pharmacology

Carlos Aníbal Vásquez Cardozo

Master of Science in Animal Production Systems

Carlos Jesús Muvdi Nova

Doctor in Process Engineering

Germán García Vera

Master in Business Management

Daniel Felipe Torres Ruda

Master in Animal Production

Julián Mauricio Botero Londoño

Doctor in Agricultural Sciences

Ronald Alfonso Montañez Valencia

Master in Conservation and Sustainable Use of Forest Systems

Leonardo Avendaño Vásquez

Doctor in Aquaculture

Diego Suescún Carvajal

Master in Forestry and Environmental Conservation

Sandra Milena Díaz López

Master in Forest Management, Use and Conservation

Celmira Pereira Franco

Master in Strategic Management

Laura Victoria Buitrago Álvarez

Master in Management with emphasis in Innovation



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